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Calling Blythe and Craft people....

Just a quick thing about LJ... I'm wondering how many people still use it?

I haven't updated much but I would really like to continue carfty bloging a bit more and I'm wondering if this is the right place??

So, here's the question..
Do you use Live Journal?
*Sorry I don't have a paid account so I can't create a poll. *

I'd just be really interested to see  the response... and if any one has any recomendations for good blogging her or elsewhere!

Thank you,
Liz. x

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I do, but more for personal stuff than doll/craft stuff.

same here, time to time :P and I kinda have it around to keep track of friends who don't use other means to blog :)

Thanks Chunny! It seems when I look at my lj friends page it's full of poupegirl community nonsense. I think I'll leave that group and see if it gets easier to handle! xx

Thanks Shawn! I guess having the friends page is worth it. I'll just have to be a bit more proactive. :P

i still use it liz! i read my friends page every day. i also have a dolly mixture blog on blogger but i think livejournal gets more views because of the friends page. you can make an lj feed of your blog though, i still don't get many comments on mine though.

Thank Bethany! I'll stick it out then!! ;)

i'm still here! blows kisses down from the chilly North x

Hi Corina! Thank you & love to Nina!

I'm still here, I read everyday but don't post much because all the lj type stuff in my life is way too emo/whiney/boring to share.

Yay! Kelly! thank you. I'll stick it out at LJ then. I'd do more but it's too dark for pictures anyway. Hopefully soon! x

I'm still here and update a few times a week. I use this blog mainly for dolly stuff and sometimes private things (for a select group of friends). :-)

Otherwise I like Typepad, but it's quite pricey. I have my knitting blog there:

Edited at 2010-02-02 09:22 am (UTC)

i do, i don't post on my own LJ that often, but i comment & read.

I still like LJ, and I always enjoy seeing dolly pics here too!

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