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Calling Blythe and Craft people....

Just a quick thing about LJ... I'm wondering how many people still use it?

I haven't updated much but I would really like to continue carfty bloging a bit more and I'm wondering if this is the right place??

So, here's the question..
Do you use Live Journal?
*Sorry I don't have a paid account so I can't create a poll. *

I'd just be really interested to see  the response... and if any one has any recomendations for good blogging her or elsewhere!

Thank you,
Liz. x

End of Summer Sale!!
I've got a few Summer dresses, short sleeve sweaters and separates left in my Esty Shop.

So.... For September only I've reduced EVERYTHING to less that $10.00!

This is a limited offer for September only before new Autumn/Winter stocks are updated!
Grab yourself a bargain at:

Thank you!
Liz xx

Little sale at Etsy
Because the box I keep my shop is is getting full to bursting.... I've reduced EVERYTHING!!!

Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=58528

(no subject)
My outfit for the Blythe Runway Rhallenge is ending in a couple of days. At the moment it's at £12.49/$18.80 It includes a lot ot items! outfit & accessories All the Alice bits.. 50's full skirt & black sweater Transformed Rockin' Alice It was the playting card motifs that gave me the ide of trying to doubler up with the 50's Rock & Roll loo It's on ebay here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=110384248754

How Crafty Are You?
You crafty cat!
Kaffe Fassett's Studio. From The How Crafty Are You? Quiz

"You’re certainly crafty when it comes to making the most of what you have around you. You have the rare quality of being able to sport the potential in lifeless objects and are not afraid to experiment. It may be time to expand your scope by going on a craft course to develop more skills."

Take the Quiz!: http://www.channel4.com/4homes/play-win/quizzes/how-crafty-are-you-quiz.html?questionNo=0

I'm quite enjoying Kirstie's Homemade Homes.
I love the idea of making your home quirky and not neutral and boring, using hand made & crafted items and  vintage and restored items. There's been some good interviews with Cath Kidston and Kaffe Fasset. She learned to knit last night. Ah,  Bless her. She found it really difficult!

I can't say that Ive really been insired to do anything as I already hava a flat filled with vintage 60's & 70's bits and lots of toys, except maybe I'd like to do a glass blowing course!  ;)

Here's the show site: http://www.channel4.com/4homes/on-tv/kirstie-s-homemade-home/

New dolly day! Woo hoo!
I absolutely love Primadolly Adorable Aubrey. she arrives this morning. I just wonder how many encores Takara can keep making..Awesome Aubrey, Amazing Aubrey....

This girl seems quite foxy in a laid back kinda way!
I've called her Laurel Canyon. I'm reading a book about the California, hippie folk/rock scene called 'Hotel California' by Barney Hoskins, so it's been in my brain a lot lately. I think this girl has a crush on Gram Parsons.

Laurel1 Laurel3 Laurel4

MSD - boots and shoes!
If anyone is interested in MSD dolls. I have a pair of boots ans Mary Jane style shoes for sale:


Mary Jane Shoes

I've listed them on ebay as I have no clue about how much they sell for. The starting price is £5.00.
Listing is here:cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll 

Anyone know about bjd shoes?
I found that I had these shoes!!

I had a bjd doll a few years ago but didn't really get that into them and sold her. The problem is that I can't remember anything about the size or what equivalent body these will fit.

I really don't need them any more can anyone help me identify the size so I can list them for sale.

This was my doll in the middle in pink:

These are the shoes I have:

1 Boots

2. Mary Janes

Also.... is anyone interested?

Day off!
Ive taken a random day off today.
I finished 12 dolly skirts which I'm hoping to use in some sets soon. Well everyone likes black & it's very practical!

Today's sewing

I've also started a Spring clear out the excess clutter is driving me crazy.
Stand by for some bargains listed here over the next few days.

1st January Update!!
My New Years Resolution is to update more, even if it's just quick.

So, I spent New Years Eve making these cushions from an old curtain. Didn't go out anywhere, just stayed home watching the Avengers DVD I got for Xmas. Lovely!


I'm back at work tomorrow...I hope it goes quickly. Im trying to do daily dolly pictures. Today I've only got a sale one.

1st Jan 2009

There's some new things in the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=58528

Happy New Year!!