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How Crafty Are You?
You crafty cat!
Kaffe Fassett's Studio. From The How Crafty Are You? Quiz

"You’re certainly crafty when it comes to making the most of what you have around you. You have the rare quality of being able to sport the potential in lifeless objects and are not afraid to experiment. It may be time to expand your scope by going on a craft course to develop more skills."

Take the Quiz!:

I'm quite enjoying Kirstie's Homemade Homes.
I love the idea of making your home quirky and not neutral and boring, using hand made & crafted items and  vintage and restored items. There's been some good interviews with Cath Kidston and Kaffe Fasset. She learned to knit last night. Ah,  Bless her. She found it really difficult!

I can't say that Ive really been insired to do anything as I already hava a flat filled with vintage 60's & 70's bits and lots of toys, except maybe I'd like to do a glass blowing course!  ;)

Here's the show site:


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